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Bergdahl Investigation Report Goes to Senior Army Commander

Bergdahl Investigation Report Goes to Senior Army Commander

Associated Press

The predestine of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl now rests with a tip U.S. ubiquitous in North Carolina who will confirm if a infantryman should be charged with abandonment after he left his Afghanistan post in 2009 and was prisoner by a Taliban.

The assign of abandonment during wartime carries a limit chastisement of death. But a Army, that referred a box to Gen. Mark Milley, control of U.S. Army Forces Command during Fort Bragg, N.C., pronounced he has a operation of options.

Milley could confirm not to assign Bergdahl, suggest executive action, or assemble a probity martial on some-more critical offenses, such as abandonment or absent though leave (AWOL).

The examination into Bergdahl’s disappearance on Jun 30, 2009, is finish and comparison Pentagon and Army leaders got briefed on a formula final week. Details about a report’s end have not been released.

Bergdahl reportedly walked divided from his section after expressing misgivings about a U.S. military’s purpose ? as good as his possess ? in Afghanistan. He was prisoner by a Taliban and hold by members of a Haqqani network, an mutinous organisation tied to a Taliban that operates both in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

On May 31, Bergdahl was handed over to U.S. special army in Afghanistan as partial of an sell for 5 tip Taliban commanders who were detained during Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. After spending about dual weeks improving during a U.S. infantry sanatorium in Germany, Bergdahl was sent to Brooke Army Medical Center during Fort Sam Houston in Texas on Jun 13. He is now doing executive duties during a base, accessible a end of a case.

Maj. Gen. Kenneth R. Dahl was tasked to control an downright examination into a matter, and spent months interviewing section members and commanders, and assembly with Bergdahl and his attorney, Eugene Fidell, a infantry probity consultant who is also a visiting techer during Yale Law School. He submitted his news in mid-October, environment off a extensive authorised examination on his news and how a Army can ensue legally in a case.

Army officials briefed Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel on Friday on a commentary of Dahl’s investigation.

Navy. Rear Adm. John Kirby pronounced Monday that Hagel is “confident that Army caring will use a information gleaned from a examination to make a many suitable decisions with honour to Sgt. Bergdahl.”

While hundreds of use members have left absent though leave (AWOL) given a wars in Iraq and Afghanistan began, many disappear for customarily a brief time and eventually return. Those cases are customarily are staid by non-judicial punishments such as being reserved additional duties, removing their compensate docked or other executive actions.

A assign of AWOL suggests that a use member left a post or did not arrive for avocation when required, though dictated to return. A assign of abandonment is when a use member leaves and has no goal of ever returning.

Punishment for abandonment in peacetime can operation from life in jail to a disgraceful discharge. Deserting a post in a warzone during a time of fight is a most some-more critical offense, and therefore can lift a limit punishment of death.

Any final showing of a box will establish what form of liberate Bergdahl receives — honest or something reduction than honest — and also either he will get as most as $300,000 in behind compensate and other benefits, including continued health care.

An initial U.S. infantry examination in 2009 resolved that Bergdahl deliberately walked away, formed on justification accessible during a time. Since his release, some former soldiers who served with him have labeled him a craven and pronounced he should be hold accountable for withdrawal his post. Others have suggested that infantry were put in danger, and even killed, as they attempted to find Bergdahl.

But there are also those who contend that even if Bergdahl deliberately walked away, his 5 years in chains were some-more than adequate punishment for a soldier.

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