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BenFred: Jeff Fisher’s comedy uncover travels

BenFred: Jeff Fisher’s comedy uncover travels

They are unequivocally deliberation giving this male an extension?

Of all a annoying things a Los Angeles Rams displayed during a Monday Night Massacre — such as Case Keenum’s passer rating (34.2), Todd Gurley’s rushing sum (47 yards), Johnny Hekker’s series of punts (10) and a domain of improved (28 points) opposite a 49ers group that is approaching to be one of a misfortune in a joining — a idea of some-more Jeff Fisher has to be a many maddening.

At slightest it should be a many infuriating for fans of a Los Angeles Rams. Back here in St. Louis, it’s turn slapstick humor. Jeff Fisher isn’t a problem anymore. But we tuned in anyway, and we were reminded that along with a group we mislaid a fun of a coach.

This had to be a healing thing for a lot of former Rams fans. They won’t acknowledge it, though they had some fear. It harm when a Rams left. That blade would turn if success transposed sameness on a team’s lapse to California. Fortunately for them, Fisher’s code of football travels.

“That wasn’t what we expected, positively not what we approaching for a initial diversion behind in L.A.,” Fisher told reporters. “We have some work to do obviously.”

How bad is No. 1 collect Jared Goff if a Rams are going to keep a quarterback in travel garments while Case Keenum looks like a man who wouldn’t be means to start during his aged alma mater, a surging University of Houston?

How unsurprising was it that a Rams scarcely gave divided as many yards due to penalties (102) than Keenum totaled by a atmosphere (130)?

How unsatisfactory was it that star defensive tackle Aaron Donald finished a dope of himself with a fourth-quarter ejection, knocking an opponent’s helmet off during a scuffle before he peaked his own?

And how astounded was Hall of Famer incited commentator Steve Young as he attempted to explain a Rams offense that, like a team, moves East and West, though frequency North and South?

“First downs turn impossible,” Young pronounced during one point. “If we don’t threaten, (opponents) are usually going to contend forget it. They’re not frightened of we during all.”

Fisher’s fingerprints were all over a fiasco. The bad breeze picks and a dull ones. The coaching malpractice when it comes to all things offense; a Rams were a usually group that didn’t measure a indicate in Week One. The stupid, feign tough man penalties that hang to a Rams like flies on something foul.

Perhaps a best partial of this season’s Rams-focused HBO “Hard Knocks” came when an raging Fisher illuminated into his team, revelation players he was not going bleeping 7-9 this season, as if he forgot he hasn’t had a winning deteriorate given 2008, as if he wasn’t 27-36-1 with a Rams. Make that 37 waste now and headed toward something most worse than bleeping 7-9.

Yet somehow there continues to be a solid tide of reports observant Fisher, who has stumbled into a final year of his contract, is in line for an extension. Rams fans improved wish that’s usually group spokesman Kevin Demoff pumping sunshine. Extending Fisher would be a clarification of insanity. The usually intensity advantage of gripping him on house during a team’s transition was that he had laxity with this relocation business interjection to his time in Houston. How’s that evidence holding up?

Now competence be a good time to remind folks that Fisher is 9 waste divided from apropos a losingest manager in NFL history. He has usually 6 playoff appearances and no Super Bowl rings to uncover for it. His final playoff win came in 2003, when Goff was 9 years old.

Only 7 times given 1970 has an NFL manager had 4 non-winning seasons with his new group and started a fifth. Fisher, unapproachable owners of a Teflon Trophy, has finished it twice! If he doesn’t get dismissed this season, he would turn a initial NFL manager to post losing seasons in any of his initial 4 years with a group and keep his pursuit until a finish of a fifth.

It’s incredible, really.

“This is not us,” Keenum pronounced after a Rams fell on their face in front of a nation.

It is. And it will be as prolonged as Fisher is in charge.

The manager is still a joke, and an prolongation after that awful initial sense would usually extend a Rams’ run as a punch line.

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