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Balloon Crash Pilot Had Mo. Criminal Convictions

Balloon Crash Pilot Had Mo. Criminal Convictions

LOCKHART, Texas (AP) — The commander of a prohibited atmosphere balloon that crashed in Texas, murdering 16 people, was means to keep flapping notwithstanding carrying during slightest 4 philosophy for inebriated pushing in Missouri and twice spending time in prison.

Whether a pilot’s celebration habits had anything to do with a pile-up was unclear. A former partner described Alfred “Skip” Nichols as a recuperating alcoholic. She pronounced he had been solemn for during slightest 4 years and never piloted a balloon after drinking.

Nichols, who had been nude of his driver’s permit during slightest twice, “couldn’t expostulate a automobile though he could commander a prohibited atmosphere balloon,” pronounced an profession who represented a newcomer who sued Nichols in 2013. The newcomer pronounced she was harm when Nichols crash-landed a balloon in a St. Louis suburbs.

Had he been a blurb aeroplane pilot, Nichols substantially would have been grounded prolonged ago.

The Federal Aviation Administration competence concede a recuperating alcoholic to fly blurb jets if a commander could uncover that he or she was being successfully treated, pronounced John Gadzinski, an airline captain and aviation reserve consultant. But a organisation is doubtful to accept an airline commander with philosophy for pushing underneath a influence, he said.

The 49-year-old Nichols also had a prolonged story of patron complaints opposite his balloon-ride companies in Missouri and Illinois dating behind to 1997. Customers reported to a Better Business Bureau that their rides would get canceled during a final notation and their fees never refunded.

When pilots request for a ballooning certificate with a FAA, they are not compulsory to divulge any before drunken-driving convictions, usually drug convictions, pronounced Patrick Cannon, a orator for a Balloon Federation of America trade group, who called that a loophole in a law. He remarkable that a ballooning certificate privately says not to embody ethanol offenses involving a engine vehicle, as those are lonesome on a FAA’s medical application.

However, distinct other pilots, balloon pilots do not have to get unchanging medical exams from FAA-certified examiners. They are usually compulsory to write a matter certifying that they have “no medical defect” that would extent their ability to commander a balloon.

Commercial craft pilots are compulsory to fill out a form that includes questions on ethanol coherence or abuse and philosophy for pushing underneath a change of alcohol.

A member of a National Transportation Safety Board, Robert Sumwalt, criticized what he called a “disparity” in a FAA mandate for balloon operators compared to craft or helicopter pilots.

Nichols got his blurb permit to commander prohibited atmosphere balloons in Missouri in Jul 1996. His initial drunken-driving self-assurance came in St. Louis County in 1990, followed by dual some-more philosophy in 2002 and a fourth in 2010, according to online justice records.

He was also convicted of a drug crime in 2000 and spent about a year and a half in jail before being paroled. He was returned to jail in Apr 2010 after his release was revoked since of his drunken-driving self-assurance that year. He was paroled again in Jan 2012.

After they accept a license, all pilots are ostensible to forewarn a FAA within 60 days of a drug or ethanol conviction. However, Cannon said, there is no slip of that stating requirement for balloon pilots.

FAA orator Lynn Lunsford could not nonetheless contend either Nichols had done any such reports. If he had, according to a FAA’s website, he could have mislaid his license.

The former girlfriend, Wendy Bartch, pronounced Nichols “did not fly when he wasn’t ostensible to. Having other people’s lives during interest was Skip’s primary concern.”

Nichols was identified as a commander by his company, that has dangling operations.

Authorities contend a balloon, that was operated by Heart of Texas Hot Air Balloon Rides, strike high-tension energy lines before crashing into a pasture Saturday nearby Lockhart, about 60 miles northeast of San Antonio.

While there were rags of haze on a day of a flight, a belligerent organisation pronounced it was transparent when a balloon took off, and there was no pointer of any upkeep difficulty with a balloon, Sumwalt said.

Between late 1998 and 2001, a Better Business Bureau pronounced it had perceived some-more than 3 dozen complaints opposite Nichols’ Manchester Balloon Voyages, heading it to twice advise a open about a company.

Customers complained that canceled rides cost them $70 to $700. In one case, a Catholic nun celebrating her 50th anniversary of use had mislaid $364 that she paid toward a float for her and 3 friends.

Then in 2008, after logging 8 some-more complaints, a business released a third warning about Nichols, who was afterwards handling underneath a name of Air Balloon Sports. One censure came from a lady who had paid $1,600 to take her family on a float as a Christmas gift. The lady pronounced Nichols would regularly cancel rides “even when a continue seemed ease and sunny,” according to a bureau.

In new years, Bartch said, Nichols was “all about recovery. He became a opposite person.”

She described Nichols as lighthearted, a supporter of a Grateful Dead whose dogs, Zappa and Joplin, were named after dual of his favorite musicians.

After she and Nichols pennyless up, she said, they remained friends, and she helped him pierce to Texas in 2014. In sequence to keep his St. Louis business going, he started charity flights in Texas in a winter when St. Louis was stormy and cold.

FAA annals prove that a Texas association was concerned in an collision with same balloon dual years ago. On Aug. 3, 2014, a balloon done a tough alighting in Kyle, Texas, when a commander overwhelmed down abruptly to equivocate distinguished a ground-crew car that had been parked in a balloon’s path. Two passengers were hurt.

It was not transparent if Nichols was a commander on that day.

In 2013, Nichols and his association staid a personal-injury lawsuit filed by a newcomer who pronounced she got harm after a pile-up alighting nearby St. Louis. Terms of a allotment were not disclosed.

Carroll Brcic pronounced she and her father and son used a Groupon banking to squeeze a balloon float with Nichols on Jul 13, 2009. They took off from a propagandize nearby House Springs, Missouri.

The family of 3 and 5 other passengers were in a atmosphere with Nichols when, a family contended, Nichols pronounced he had run out of propane and a balloon began to fall.

Nichols contended that a balloon began to dump since of a miss of wind. Because it was flapping toward energy lines, he said, he done what he called a tranquil alighting amid trees.

“He fundamentally landed in a forest,” Brcic’s attorney, S. Lee Patton, said. “He called it a tranquil landing. My customer called it a crash.”

Patton pronounced a balloon forsaken unexpected in a final 20 feet. Brcic harmed her neck and back. Her father and son were unharmed.

As partial of a case, Patton pronounced he schooled from a Missouri Department of Revenue that Nichols’ driver’s permit had been dangling for 10 years due to a 2002 drunken-driving conviction. In a 2013 deposition, Nichols pronounced he perceived a second 10-year permit cessation in Missouri in 2010.


Schmall reported from Fort Worth. Associated Press writers Reese Dunklin and Jamie Stengle in Dallas, Jim Salter in St. Louis and Joan Lowy in Washington, D.C., contributed to this report.

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