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August 2016 Global Temperatures Set 16th Straight Monthly Record | The Weather Channel

August 2016 Global Temperatures Set 16th Straight Monthly Record | The Weather Channel

Global meant temperatures set new record highs for both a month of Aug as good as a summer months of Jun by August, according to 3 apart analyses.

A state of a meridian news expelled by NOAA Tuesday said that Aug 2016 was Earth’s warmest Aug in annals dating to 1880.

The normal heat for a creation was 0.92 degrees Celsius above a 20th-century average. This kick a prior warmest Aug on record set only a year ago that was 0.87 degrees Celsius above average. This noted a third year in a quarrel a world set an Aug comfortable record, according to NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information.

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NOAA pronounced that Aug 2016 also noted a 16th true warmest particular month on record for a globe. That is a longest widen of months in a quarrel that a tellurian heat record has been set in their dataset.

July, typically a warmest month of a year globally given a Northern Hemisphere has some-more land masses than a Southern Hemisphere, was a singular warmest month on record for a planet.

For a third year in a row, Earth also set a record hottest summer (June-August) in 2016, according to NOAA.

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Given that a initial 8 months of 2016 have all been record warm, a world has also had a warmest January-August on record, with temperatures over 1 grade Celsius above a 1901-2000 normal for a initial time in NOAA’s records.

Parts of Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, a Indian Ocean, executive Asia, executive and southern Africa, northern South America, Central America, Alaska and western Canada were record comfortable in January-August 2016.

It appears unavoidable 2016 will finish adult being a earth’s warmest year on record, commanding both 2015 and 2014.

NOAA says even if any of a final 4 months of 2016 were only average, it would be only 0.01 grade Celsius behind 2015’s record comfortable year. 

Three Other Analyses: Aug One of a Hottest

NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies also found Aug 2016 was a globe’s warmest Aug in their dataset dating to 1880.

The heat curiosity of 0.98 degrees Celsius above normal surfaced a prior warmest Aug in 2014 by 0.16 degrees, according to NASA’s research expelled earlier.

This noted a 11th true month environment a comfortable record for that month in NASA’s analysis.

The Japanese Meteorological Agency found Aug 2016 was only 0.03 degrees Celsius behind 2015 as a globe’s warmest Aug dating to 1891.

All 3 of a tip 4 warmest Augusts on record have occurred in a past 3 years, according to a JMA analysis

Since May 2015, 14 of 16 months have possibly tied or set new annals for that month in a JMA dataset. Only May and Aug 2016 (each second warmest for that month) unsuccessful to do so.

Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S), operated by a European Centre for Medium-range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF), distributed a tellurian normal Aug heat was scarcely two-tenths of a grade Celsius aloft than a prior Aug heat annals set in 2015, in their dataset dating to 1979.

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Portions of western Russia, a Canadian Arctic, as good as tools of a Southern Ocean were warmest compared to normal in August, according to C3S analysis. 

Among August’s cooler spots were tools of a Southern Ocean, Australia, north-central Russia, and a U.S. Rockies.

Ultimately, it’s not a tiny fractions of a grade that might put one month forward of another, though rather a long-term arise in tellurian temperatures. 

Jonathan Erdman is a comparison meteorologist during and has been an incorrigible continue geek given a hurricane narrowly missed his childhood home in Wisconsin during age 7.




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