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Audiences react: ‘Star Wars’ debuts in a US

Audiences react: ‘Star Wars’ debuts in a US

Critics, schmitics. They were basically won over progressing this week.

The genuine Force to reckon with as a new Star Wars movie strike theaters Thursday night was a franchise’s legions of devoted, past-disappointed fans.

So what did those propitious adequate to measure early tickets to J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars: The Force Awakens think? Early reaction indicates Disney has a strike on their hands.

“I desired it,” said Tony Strickland, 57, who screened a film in Washington, D.C. “I favourite a union of a comparison characters and a new ones. I favourite a humor. It wasn’t too heavy (and) a movement was great.”

Some fans froze in their seats. “It didn’t strike me we was saying a film until 30 mins into a movie,” said Brian Nguyen from Orange County, Calif., who brought his father to the TCL Chinese Theatre’s initial showing. “I was like, ‘Oh my God, it’s indeed happening!’ we desired it. It lived adult to all expectations.”

Others hinted a new Star Wars done adult for past authorization mistakes.

“It’s truly thrilling, that we don’t see anymore in cinema today,” said Jack Timmeny, 45, of Annandale, Va. “We’ve waited 30 years and it done adult for all a wait.”

Fans called The Force Awakens expertly packaged with nostalgia.

“That was accurately what we hoped it would be,” pronounced Andy Tillman, 30, from Falls Church, Va., clad in a First Order Stormtrooper T-shirt. “It took we by only about each tension we could presumably wish to feel from a movie, and I’m unequivocally happy with a approach Star Wars is looking for a subsequent few years.”

“It had a things we wish to see,” added his wife, Erin, 29, dressed in a Boba Fett hoodie. “There were throwbacks from a strange stuff, and they done BB-8 all that Artoo was, that we suspicion was unequivocally lovable and loved. I had so most fun.”

Twitter illuminated adult as well. “We have a good new Star Wars for a initial time in my life folks,” tweeted user @sports_clayton. “Go see Star Wars, knowledge it for yourself. I’ll contend zero some-more than it was positively a enchanting experience,” combined user @RobOullette.

They weren’t alone.

Before doors even non-stop to The Force Awakens, revolutionary fans showed their allegiance, sauce in costumes and nearing hours early.

Take Craig Brown in Ft. Collins, Colo., who slept in his automobile (in winter temperatures) to be initial in line for a good seat. Or those who filled a wait with 18-hour Star Wars marathons hold during theaters around a country, some of that began as early as 3 a.m. Wednesday.

“Eighteen hours in a film museum sounds like a good thought to me,” pronounced Art Fyles, 27, inside a Rochester, N.Y. theater.

“So a conversations we have during 1:30 in a morning in line during a #StarWarsMarathon are flattering most incomprehensible,” tweeted Nashville moviegoer @jason76z, adding, “Sitting in a museum for 17 hours with 500 or so people might not of been a best thought I’ve had.”

Contributing: Patrick Ryan, Carly Mallenbaum, Brian Truitt, Tracey Schuhmacher (The Democrat and Chronicle) in Rochester, Dave Paulson (The Tennessean) in Nashville, Erin Udell (Coloradoan) in Ft. Collins

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