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Ask a iTunes Guy: How to set adult a new iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

Ask a iTunes Guy: How to set adult a new iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas to all! Did Santa Claus leave an iPhone underneath a Christmas tree? If so, it might be an ascent from an comparison device, or it might be your initial iPhone. It’s elementary to set adult a new iPhone and quit your apps, content, and settings from an aged one, or even quit from an Android phone. In this week’s column, we go over a routine to set adult a new iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Set adult a new iPhone

Q: we got a new iPhone for Christmas. What should we do to get it adult and running?

Congratulations. we don’t know if this is your initial iPhone, or if you’re upgrading to a new iPhone, so I’ll cover both scenarios. The same procession also relates to a iPad and iPod touch. And if you’re switching from Android, Apple creates this easy too.

If we already possess an iPhone, you’ll wish to quit from a aged phone to a new one, maintaining your apps, content, and settings. There are dual ways to do this, one regulating iCloud, and one regulating iTunes.

Back adult your aged device

A lot of people use iPhones and iPads though ever joining them to a mechanism and never syncing them with iTunes. While this is possible, it does make a emigration routine a bit some-more complicated. If we don’t wish to use iTunes, make certain that iCloud backups are incited on. Go to Settings iCloud Backup. If iCloud Backup isn’t toggled on, do so. Then daub Back Up Now, and wait until your device has finished subsidy up. (This could be a good time to representation some chestnuts roasting on an open fire…)

Since your iPhone sends information to Apple’s servers when it backs adult regulating iCloud, a time it takes depends on your Internet connection. If we have a delayed connection, it could take a prolonged time. So we suggest joining your iPhone to your computer—if we have one—and regulating iTunes. Also, if we ever have a problem with your iPhone and need to revive it, we can do it some-more fast regulating iTunes. Note that an iCloud backup won’t store your song or videos, unless they’re purchased from a iTunes Store. (See this Apple technical document for a full list of what iCloud backs up.)

When a device is connected, click a idol in a iTunes navigation bar, afterwards click Summary. Check Encrypt iPhone Backup and enter a password. If we do this, iTunes can behind adult many of your passwords and settings, and revive them to a new iPhone; we won’t need to configure as many settings on a new device. Click Back Up Now to have iTunes start doing a work.

Back adult your iOS device to a mechanism with iTunes.

Set Up a new device

Once you’ve corroborated adult your aged device, it’s time to set adult a new one. If it is an iPhone or an iPad with a mobile connection, trip your SIM label in a device. You’ll find a SIM tray eject apparatus in a box with your iPhone.

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