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Apple’s iOS 9.1 Shuts Down The Pangu Hacking Team’s Jailbreak

Apple’s iOS 9.1 Shuts Down The Pangu Hacking Team’s Jailbreak

Well, that was fast! Only days after the initial open jailbreak for iOS 9 devices strike a web, it appears that Apple has sealed dual of a exploits used by a Chinese hacking team Pangu, whose untethered jailbreak authorised users to jailbreak scarcely all iPhone, iPad and iPod hold inclination using iOS versions 9.0 by 9.0.2.

In a security request posted on Apple’s website, a Cupertino association credits Pangu with finding dual vulnerabilities in a iOS handling complement that have now been patched.

These embody one disadvantage that would concede a antagonistic focus to rouse privileges, and another that would concede a antagonistic focus to govern capricious formula with heart privileges.

The jailbreaking village already knew that Apple had patched these exploits in iOS 9.1. After all, a jailbreak didn’t work with a beta build of a iOS 9.1 software. That’s expected because a Pangu group pushed their iOS 9 jailbreak out a doorway usually forward of a iOS 9.1 recover – it was a usually approach to get it into a hands of finish users before it was too late.

However, this doesn’t meant that you’ll never be means to jailbreak your device again if we already incidentally upgraded to 9.1. There’s always a possibility that a Pangu group or another hacker will find a opposite disadvantage to feat in a future.

Just forward of this news and a 9.1 recover this morning, a Pangu group rolled out a new chronicle of their jailbreak tool (version 1.1.0), that was some-more fast and saw improved results, they claimed. However, that tool was still focused on charity users a ability to jailbreak inclination using adult to iOS 9.0.2. The group has not pronounced nonetheless if it has a 9.1 penetrate in a works.

If we were meditative about jailbreaking and still wish to do it, a doctrine here is to stay divided from 9.1. However, nonetheless there are a series of cold apps and tweaks we can now take advantage of as a jailbreaker, also be wakeful that you’re exposing yourself and your personal information to security risks in a process.

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