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Apple Inc.’s 2017 Flagship iPhone Looks to Borrow from Samsung and Xiaomi

Apple Inc.’s 2017 Flagship iPhone Looks to Borrow from Samsung and Xiaomi

Even nonetheless a Apple iPhone 7/7 Plus have nonetheless to be unveiled, KGI Securities researcher Ming-Chi Kuo reportedly expelled a investigate note over a weekend (via MacRumors) shedding some light on what a iDevice builder has designed for a 2017 flagship iPhone.

The flagship phone will reportedly container a 5.8-inch AMOLED arrangement — a change divided from a potion clear displays that Apple has used in all of a iPhones to date. The arrangement is also approaching to be curved, that Kuo says will concede a smartphone to fit in a footprint that competence be even smaller than that of a stream era 5.5-inch iPhone 6s Plus.

But that’s not all. In further to a winding display, Apple is reportedly looking to eschew a aluminum casings a hallmark of iPhone’s demeanour and feel given a 2012 recover of a iPhone 5. Instead, Apple is pronounced to be evaluating plastic, ceramic, and potion for a behind of a phone; Kuo is assured that Apple will eventually go with glass.

After reading a outline of Kuo’s note, it’s tough to shake off a feeling that a iDevice builder has now insincere a purpose of a follower rather than a personality — during slightest when it comes to smartphone industrial pattern and, in some cases, technology.

Curved AMOLED display? Samsung has been doing it for a while
In late 2014, Apple arch-rival Samsung expelled a Galaxy Note 4 Edge, a various of a Galaxy Note 4 “phablet” with one side of a arrangement winding into a body. It was radically a gimmick, though Samsung polished it with a Galaxy S6 Edge, with a arrangement curving into both sides of a phone.

Samsung also ran with this judgment with a recently expelled Galaxy S7 Edge.

If Apple implements this in a flagship iPhone in (presumably late) 2017, it will “catch up” to what Samsung has been fielding into a marketplace given early 2015.

Curved glass? Ceramic? Also been done
The Galaxy S7 also facilities a steel support with a potion back. Xiaomi, a China-based smartphone vendor, recently announced a new family of flagship inclination as good — a Mi5 series. The dual lower-tier models underline steel frames and potion backs identical to a Galaxy S7, while a tip tier Mi5 (known as a Mi5 Pro) indeed comes with a ceramic back.

In other words, a large “materials change” that Apple is apparently looking to exercise has, once again, already been finished by another, many smaller aspirant to a iDevice maker.

Apple contingency lead, not follow
Apple is apparently a largest and many essential smartphone builder out there. It has high patron faithfulness rates and simply a top blended normal offered prices in a smartphone industry. From a business perspective, a association is still solidly in a lead.

However, during a iPhone 6s/6s Plus cycle, a series of “cracks” in a armor have unequivocally begun to uncover in a company’s rival positioning. It no longer fields phones with best in category displays, a cameras are good, though no longer a “gold standard” that they once were.

“Friend of Apple” Walt Mossberg new penned a column in that he points out a innumerable ways in that Apple needs to locate adult to a competition. 

To make matters worse, Apple releases flagship phones on merely a yearly cadence, while a foe puts out flagship inclination during a many some-more fast clip.

I can’t shake a feeling that Apple is removing complacent. Perhaps a fact that a association is set to knowledge a unequivocally initial year-over-year decrease in iPhone sales will offer as a bold wake-up call that it unequivocally seems to need.


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