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Apple acknowledges iMessage bug, says repair is coming

Apple acknowledges iMessage bug, says repair is coming

Bug: Texts are not entrance by for some who switch from a iPhone.

  • Apple sued over declining texts

Apple has concurred a bug within a iMessage complement that keeps some users who switch from an iPhone to another maker’s smartphone from receiving certain content messages.

The advantage of iMessage is a messages do not count opposite users’ monthly devise texting limits, and can even be sent to Apple users abroad during no cost. Those who possess mixed Apple inclination can set them adult so that when they accept an iMessage it will uncover adult on all of their Apple devices, such as an iPad or a MacBook laptop.

But a recently detected bug has undone iMessage users who have switched from an iPhone to another device and their friends who try to content them.

Turning off iMessage should safeguard that all messages are sent as customary texts, and therefore get by to non-Apple devices.

But a new bug is preventing that from function for some users. Instead, their texts continue to be rubbed as iMessages. This has prevented messages from iPhone users from being delivered to friends who have switched to a non-Apple device.

Apple on Thursday pronounced it had begun to repair a problem.

“We recently bound a server-side iMessage bug that was causing an emanate for some users, and we have an additional bug repair in a destiny program update,” Apple told Re/code. “For users still experiencing an issue, greatfully hit AppleCare.”

But a new bug has usually exacerbated a problem within Apple’s iMessage system. Prior to a find of a bug, many users already gifted problems receiving messages after withdrawal their iPhones.

Apple has set adult a support page explaining how to deactivate iMessage, though one former iPhone owners was so dissatisfied with her knowledge switching to a Samsung Android device that she filed a lawsuit opposite Apple over a problem.

The lady is seeking class-action standing for a fit and claims Apple unsuccessful to divulge that switching from an iPhone to another device would outcome in an division of her content messages.

Apple has not commented on a lawsuit.

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