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Antonio Brown, Steelers eviscerate think Redskins 38-16: 5 takeaways

Antonio Brown, Steelers eviscerate think Redskins 38-16: 5 takeaways

Any hype about a Pittsburgh Steelers before 2016 was entirely warranted. The offense is absurd and positively installed during a ability positions — and a Steelers are not even remotely during full strength yet.

Despite blank mixed pivotal players, a Steelers took a Redskins to a woodshed during a Monday night early game, winning 38-16. It was an strenuous descent uncover led by Ben Roethlisberger and Antonio Brown.

But remember who’s missing: Martavis Bryant is dangling for a season, Le’Veon Bell is blank for 3 games and Lardarius Green is on a PUP list and his grant for 2016 is in question.

It helps when we have Brown, obviously, yet give Kevin Colbert credit for stocking a sideboard in Pittsburgh. Jesse James stepped right adult as a parsimonious finish for a Steelers, pier adult dump-off yardage and looking like a bad man’s Heath Miller. Eli Rogers is a apprehension in a container and a PPR machine. Sammie Coates finished mixed large plays. DeAngelo Williams — we mean, not adequate is pronounced about what he’s finished stuffing in for Bell. He was superb on Monday, cruising over 100 sum yards and evaporating a integrate of Redskins defenders on a pleasing touchdown run.

And nonetheless he wasn’t penalized 15 yards for his dirty moves.

His agreement is also value remembering since it’s one of a best deals in football given how he’s helped with Bell down.

Here are 4 some-more takeaways from a Steelers’ large opening win:

2. What Brown Can Do For You

The answer is “everything” and there’s a reason since he’s deliberate a best receiver in a NFL and simply a tip collect in each singular anticipation breeze this season. Brown is an comprehensive animal, able of destroying cornerbacks in mixed ways.

He’s shifty, quick, a miraculous track curtain and he’ll fume we deep.

The best partial about that play? It came on a fourth-and-1 where many believed Roethlisberger checked to a pass during a line when he saw a Redskins stacking a box.

“Oh no, that was a call all a way,” manager Mike Tomlin told Lisa Salters during halftime.

Love a aggressiveness. Brown competence wish to cruise toning down a aggressiveness in a finish zone, because, as we all know, FUN WILL NOT BE TOLERATED IN THE NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE.

Brown substantially generated a few letters to a FCC with his NSFW-ish end-zone dance following a second touchdown locate from Roethlisberger.

It was suggestive not usually of his pole-dancing slight opposite a Steelers late final year (because it concerned his male tools being prominently featured in a touchdown dance) yet also of Ned Flanders on a ski slope.

Stupid voluptuous Antonio got dinged $11,000 for his end-zone jubilee final year. He’ll substantially get tagged for this and it already cost his group 15 yards. He’s some-more than value a hassle, regardless of what Mike Tomlin competence say.

3. Kirk Cousins does himself no favors

The Redskins have claimed — or during slightest people have claimed for a Redskins — that they have a best pass catchers in a whole NFL. It competence be right. DeSean Jackson looked impossibly discerning Monday and he’s a dangerous low threat. Jordan Reed is an animal. Jamison Crowder is criminally underrated.

But it doesn’t matter if a trigger male isn’t banishment and Kirk Cousins, a million dollar man, wasn’t firing. He finished 30-for-43, that pegs him right during his unequivocally good 69 percent execution commission from final year. And he averaged some-more than 7 yards per attempt.

And yet, he wasn’t on. Cousins threw a span of picks, and could’ve thrown another one on an early miscommunication with Jackson. He was scattershot early on and got lots of yardage after a locate from Reed.

He couldn’t pull a round down a field. At one indicate he ran out of finish 3 yards brief of a sticks on fourth down. It was flattering awkward.

And, notwithstanding his holding Washington to a multiplication pretension final year, his inability to kick teams considered, um, good, still unequivocally most lingers.

But there’s also a emanate of Washington’s change here. A totally apart takeaway could be a inability of a Redskins to run a football. They let Alfred Morris transport in giveaway group and it’s usually Matt Jones and Chris Thompson behind there. It’s not going to work.

Especially when Cousins isn’t a form of quarterback we wish throwing from third-and-long each singular series/set of downs. Even a best quarterbacks don’t wish to work behind schedule. Cousins can’t do it.

Jones and Thompson averaged 4.3 yards per lift on a night, that was surprising, yet it’s not tough to adult your YPC when we usually have 11 carries for a whole game. The using diversion usually wasn’t there early. Or during all.

In a initial half, Cousins saw 6 opposite third-down situations and usually one of them was reduction than 6 yards. This offense is ostensible to column adult Cousins, not a other approach around. Which is substantially since a Redskins didn’t compensate him this offseason.

4. The Josh Norman Conundrum

Poor, poor, poor, POOR Breshaud Breeland. Guy develops as a unequivocally good cornerback in a league, a Redskins go out and pointer Josh Norman and soon let all a unequivocally dangerous receivers deposit Breeland’s way.

It’s not fallacious that a Skins would do this: Norman isn’t a “lockdown” dilemma per se. Shutdown corners transport with tip receivers and stop them from producing. Norman sealed down one side of a margin and a Steelers — wisely — shifted Brown in a instruction of Breeland.

There isn’t most anyone can do opposite Brown, so Breeland shouldn’t feel too bad. But Norman and his $75 million understanding not relating adult on Pittsburgh’s finest? Yeah, not good for Breeland. It’s heartless to see such a gifted male get illuminated adult regularly by a best receiver in football.

On a Norman partial of this though, what’s going to occur relocating forward? The Redskins don’t play Brown each week, yet they do get Dez Bryant and Odell Beckham, Jr. a subsequent dual weeks.

Those guys are a small bit opposite since they’re not utterly as sleek and discerning as Brown — nonetheless Beckham is like a slinky who is disreputable brief and can usually get so freaking prolonged when he’s stretching for footballs. They’re earthy wideouts who improved fit a Norman matchup.

But if Washington continues to usually hang Norman on one side of a margin and let offenses foreordain coverage, a agreement Norman got is going to continue to demeanour controversial if a rest of a delegate is removing smoked.

5. Shazier is special

The offense put on a show, yet a Steelers are a finish team. Ryan Shazier is a dang freak, man.

He forsaken into coverage on Reed in a red section and finished an implausible play violation adult a would-be touchdown pass to a parsimonious end. Later, he intercepted Cousins.

He also had a forced fail and 5 tackles in a diversion before withdrawal with a right knee damage a Steelers contend is not an issue. If he’s healthy for 16 games he can make a run into a DPOY conversation.

This feels like a deepest Steelers invulnerability in a while. There’s tons of early-round, home-grown talent on that side of a ball.

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