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Android Wear only got very, really smart

Android Wear only got very, really smart

Google’s Android Wear program usually got intelligent – really intelligent – simply since it integrates Google Now tip to bottom. With an refurbish to Google Now comes an refurbish to Android Wear, and what we’re saying currently is an bomb update that’ll make a suggestions for directions and sports scores you’ve been removing so distant seem like drops in a tub of friendly, and we daresay helpful, updates from apps of all kinds. Everything from eBay auction updates to a ability to “Download Venice” – all on your wrist, really soon.

Below you’ll see a gallery of “cards” that’ll be appearing in Google Now immediately if not soon. They come from Google’s gallery of label updates as of Friday, a 30th of January, 2015. While some cards will cocktail adult pleasantness of Google’s services, many will be entrance from 3rd-party brands.

An app like Duolingo will assistance we learn a new language. Mint will send we reminders on how most of your check you’ve spent during a month. Walgreens will send we your Balance Rewards label in a form of a QR-code a assistant can indicate from your wrist.

Hailo and mytaxi will supplement to a series of ways we can call a automobile to collect we adult from your Android Wear device. ICICI will remind we to compensate a bill, BookMyShow will concede we to buy tickets to a film you’ve been watchful for, and Ford will let we remote-start your C-Max Hybrid vehicle.

The smartwatch you’re saying above and next is a LG G Watch R, one of several Android Wear inclination on a marketplace today.

Of march these updates are headed to Google Now for your phone first, afterwards to your Android Wear device. Some functionality will usually work on your smartphone, though a lot will work from your watch as well.

Since this is all entrance by Google Now, you’ll find these updates and notifications appearing formed on your plcae and a timing of events holding place around you.

Your phone will know when you’re about to go home from work, and Waze will refurbish we on trade conditions by Google Now on your Android Wear device.

You’ll buy a sheet for a moody to Spain and an app like Duolingo competence advise we learn some Spanish before we get there.

Tweet a high-powered summary from your watch regulating an app like IFTTT with a trigger and find out it’s doing intensely good with Hootsuite by Google Now and on behind to your Android Wear device.

All a approach behind in Feb of 2013 we had a discuss with Google’s Matias Duarte about Google Now and how their complement would work with wearable devices. This was before Android Wear was introduced, though utterly expected NOT before Google had started operative on a Android Wear complement behind a scenes.

“When you’re in a room with people,” pronounced Duarte behind in Feb of 2013, “or when you’re out and about, how do we keep from even removing sucked into a phone, how can we be smarter about when to forewarn we about things, how can wearable record concede us to forewarn you, or douse we in data, in reduction forward ways?”

Now with Google Now opening a doors to apps of all sorts, you’ll have a new approach to hoop all of a updates from a services we use on a daily basis. You’ll also have entrance – or a choice of denying entrance – to your Android Wear device for these integrated card-based notifications as well.

Duarte suggested that partial of his shortcoming with a Google Now group was to “put we in control of when we confirm to understanding with that online world.”

Now with additional layers – all a approach out to your wrist – Google’s digital ecosystem allows we to be as integrated or as dismissive as we like.

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