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Amazon’s ever-struggling Fire Phone gets a lukewarm update

Amazon’s ever-struggling Fire Phone gets a lukewarm update

Amazon isn’t prepared to spin a behind on a Fire Phone only yet. It got a large refurbish on Friday that adds a horde of new functions.

The phone’s Firefly underline now allows it to commend some-more than 2,000 famous paintings regulating information from Wikipedia, and content interpretation is now accessible for English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

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Another further is Best Shot, that takes a design only before and only after we press a shiver symbol in a camera app. That means any time a design is taken, you’ll have 3 options to select from.

The refurbish comes with a few some-more standard fixes, too. It improves battery life, according to Amazon, and now allows users to supplement tradition ringtones, as good as retard phone numbers. You have dozens of keyboard languages to select from and download.

Despite a phone’s apparent disaster (some analysts line-up a phone’s U.S. marketplace share during reduction than 1%), rumors are present that Amazon is formulation to recover another Fire Phone in 2016. Amazon scrapped a phone it had been operative on for months, according to a news in Venture Beat, though has “gone behind to a sketch board,” according to an unknown source.

This could be Amazon’s second possibility to turn a genuine actor in a smartphone market. In a face of foe from iPhones and Android devices, a Fire Phone has regularly struggled to locate on. Amazon has cut a phone’s cost — some-more than once.

In November, Amazon cut a cost of a unbarred Fire indication from $649 to $199 with a two-year contract. Before that, Amazon slashed a cost (with contract) of a unchanging indication from $199 to only $0.99 in September.

“We didn’t get a cost right,” Amazon Senior Vice President of Devices David Limp told Fortune in October. “I consider people come to design a good value, and we arrange of incompatible expectations. We suspicion we had it right. But we’re also peaceful to say, ‘we missed.’ And so we corrected.”

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