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Amazon Fire TV Stick: $39 Chromecast aspirant with an tangible remote

Amazon Fire TV Stick: $39 Chromecast aspirant with an tangible remote

Amazon jumped into a connected-TV locus 7 months ago with a Fire TV, a well-received streaming media device identical to an Apple TV. On Monday, a association upped a stakes by announcing a Fire TV Stick, a streaming media device that plugs right into a TV’s HDMI port. The Fire TV Stick can lift movies, TV shows, and song from Netflix, Hulu Plus, Prime Instant Video, Spotify, YouTube, and a horde of other services. It goes on sale for $39 starting Nov 19, and Amazon Prime subscribers can pre-order one for $19 before Thursday.

Amazon isn’t being bashful about comparing a Fire TV Stick to a Chromecast, Google’s streaming-media dongle. The Chromecast has been a best-selling electronic device on Amazon for a while now, and Amazon would certainly be happy to see that tip mark assigned by one of a possess devices.

Amazon arch executive officer Jeff Bezos says in a press recover that a Fire TV Stick is “the many absolute streaming media hang available,” with 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of inner storage — twice as most memory and 4 times as most storage as a Chromecast. The association says a Fire TV Stick’s specs will outcome in “faster and some-more liquid navigation, and some-more storage for apps and games.”

The Fire TV Stick can be tranquil with a remote app for Android, iOS, or Fire phones (including voice search, that is a courteous touch), though Amazon is also including a hardware remote with a device. Promo cinema uncover a small, elementary remote with a few buttons to concede browsing and personification TV shows, movies, and apps. It’s not a same as a Fire TV remote, that has a microphone built in — that remote is concordant with a Stick, though you’ll have to buy it alone for a cent underneath $30. A remote would be good to have in households with kids, or for carrying on palm so guest don’t have to steal someone’s phone to use a TV.

The Fire TV Stick also includes a nifty pre-streaming underline called ASAP, that “predicts that cinema and TV episodes you’ll wish to watch and buffers them for playback before we even strike play so videos start instantly.” Assuming your home Internet tie has adequate bandwidth, ASAP will let we launch right into shows but carrying to wait while they load. The Fire TV Stick also works with Amazon’s Whispersync service, that saves your place so we can start examination a movie, say, on a mechanism or tablet, and collect adult where we left off on your TV.

A final courteous hold is found underneath a hood: a Fire TV Stick has dual-band Wi-Fi, definition it can tide over possibly a 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz frequencies — so if we have a dual-band router during home, we can take advantage of a less-crowded (and substantially faster) 5 GHz rope to tide media some-more fast and reliably. (This goes double if we live in an unit building with lots of adjacent Wi-Fi connections, where a swarming 2.4 GHz rope can make for frustrating streaming.)

Amazon’s incomparable Fire TV has been extremely well-reviewed, and if a Fire TV Stick can unequivocally offer a same palliate of use (especially for $19 for Prime subscribers, who are legion) it should be really popular.

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