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Allyson Felix bumped on 4×100 relay; USA gets a second chance

Allyson Felix bumped on 4×100 relay; USA gets a second chance





The American send group gets new life after winning appeal.
Collin Brennan, USA TODAY

RIO DE JANEIRO — It was a disaster, pristine and simple. And then, a reprieve.

The U.S. women’s 4×100 send forsaken a rod on a second sell on Thursday in a subordinate heats, knocking them out of a final. However, Allyson Felix pronounced she was bumped by a Brazilian curtain right before she got to a zone, and replays confirmed. Brazil was disqualified, and a U.S. interest was upheld.

But a Americans can’t simply be modernized to a final on a eight-lane Rio track, so there will be a surreal unfolding on Thursday night — a USA’s 4×100 send using alone in a time hearing during 7 p,m. in Rio (6 ET). The USA will have to run faster that 42.70, that would reinstate eighth-place qualifier China.

Initially it was suggested that there competence be a second run-off between China and Canada, who both clocked 42.70, though a IAAF took a time out to a thousandths, that places Canada seventh.

China appealed a USA’s reinstatement, though it was denied.

Here is how it happened:

As seven-time Olympic medalist Allyson Felix relay prepared for a second exchange, she dragged her on a track, forcing her to event toward English Gardner and, in a surreal scene, toss a rod to her teammate.

It glanced off Gardner and strike a track, thudding to a hindrance and clearly finale a USA’s hopes for fortifying a bullion award from a 2012 London Games.

Gardner put her hands on her head, in complete disbelief. She yelled. Felix stood by, and in a impulse of clarity educated Gardner to collect adult a rod and finish a race.

An present replay told a story. As Felix was about to enter a sell zone, she was bumped on her right side by a Brazilian curtain in a adjacent lane.

“I got bumped entrance into a sell zone,” Felix said. “It only totally threw me off balance. we attempted to lift it together to get it to English. Maybe if we had one some-more step we could’ve, though we was descending as we was going to her.”

The group filed a protest, a orator for USA Track and Field pronounced immediately afterward. It is approaching that a criticism will explain that Felix’s swell was detained by a contact. In all likelihood, a interest will be successful.

“If we consider about it, we’re going 20 miles an hour,” Gardner said, “so that’s going to disaster adult your timing.”

Disaster averted, a four-person group could breathe a whine of service — though remained dissapoint by a moment, a worst-case-scenario calamity that keeps all send runners on their toes before and during competition.

“I consider we got propelled,” Felix said. “I’m only really upset.”

Upset, true, though gifted adequate to keep her concentration amid a drama. Rather than wallow, Felix done certain a USA finished a race, since a interest would have weaker consequence if a group had unsuccessful to continue.

“I only remembered them revelation us that if there’s an interest we have to make an effort,” she said.

Brazil was disqualified though did not make a final.

Should they get through, they will have their hands full with Jamaica, that won china 4 years ago and posted a best time of a opening heats (41.79 seconds).

“We’re going to regroup, get ourselves together and go out there and be prepared to contest in a final,” Gardner said.

The American group (Mike Rodgers, Christian Coleman, Tyson Gay and Jarrion Lawson), who have had issues with rod passes in a past, competent initial overall.


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