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Agent: Conor McGregor ‘willing to entertain’ a WWE offer

Agent: Conor McGregor ‘willing to entertain’ a WWE offer

Conor McGregor is looking for a biggest paychecks possible, and he’s even peaceful to perform an offer from an classification he has left out of his approach to whack – a WWE. McGregor, a biggest pull in a UFC in a impulse and beltholder in dual divisions, has drawn many comparisons to pro wrestlers due to his charismatic speak style. He has customarily shot them down though, dissing some-more than a few wrestlers in a process.

But income talks. His representative Audie Attar admits as much, and in an speak on ESPN’s 5ive Rounds podacast, he pronounced they would be open to articulate to them:

“I consider it’s all about business, man. If [WWE] is going to come with an offer, we are peaceful to perform it. We are here. Have their people call his people. Which is me. We can have a conversation.”

Could he even have a compare there? It’s not something that got shot down during least:

“Again, we consider eventually Conor will say, ‘Let me speak to my crony Benjamin [Franklin] to see how many of his friends he’s bringing with him before we speak about what a obligations are.'”

It has been rumored by many wrestling insiders that a WWE badly wants to move McGregor in, many expected for a WrestleMania appearance. Vince McMahon does have low pockets, and he is peaceful to open a purse strings to compensate for a luminary – Brock Lesnar comes to mind, as does new returnee Bill Goldberg.

Along those same lines, a pro wrestling graduation has finished it transparent that they will be targeting Ronda Rousey once she’s finished fighting. We’ll have to see if they can land possibly of a UFC’s biggest fish.

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