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After successful Air Force tournament, Cal volleyball travels to New Mexico

After successful Air Force tournament, Cal volleyball travels to New Mexico

Going into final weekend, Cal wasn’t certain what to design — with such a high series of underclassmen and a detriment of some pivotal players, a Bears were not superfluous with experience.

But after unconditional a foe during a Air Force tournament, both new and aged players comparison valid that this deteriorate would not be a rebuilding one, though rather a some-more successful one than final year.

Hoping to continue a winning streak, a Cal women’s volleyball group is roving to New Mexico this weekend to contest in a New Mexico State contest starting Friday. Opening a contest opposite Radford during 9 a.m. during a Pan American Center, a Bears (3-0) will continue to rest on a players who have stepped adult in a deficiency of their aged group leaders.

Cal has nonetheless to face Radford (2-1), who was picked to win a Big South pretension for a second year in a row. As against to Cal, who is relying heavily on a few new recruits, a Highlanders have 13 returning players from final year’s group a Bears contingency contend with.

With not a lot of first-hand believe about Radford, Cal will keep a concentration on their finish — some-more specifically, on their new multiple of descent players. At a core of a Bears’ new offense is sophomore setter Alyssa Jensen, who spent many of final deteriorate watching and training from over Cal setter Joan Caloiaro.

Despite her miss of playtime final season, Jensen stepped adult to a plea and valid she was some-more than prepared to take on a responsibilities that were once Caloiaro’s. In Jensen’s initial start for a Bears final weekend, she averaged 11.5 assists per set and available some-more than 50 assists in dual uninterrupted games.

“A large thing this year that we have on a group is all of a depth,” pronounced Jensen. “The multiple (of people) is different, generally with a new beginner outsides. But during a same time, everybody is fighting for their possess position. It creates it a lot of fun, setting-wise, since everyone’s perplexing to get a kill — everybody wants to be a best.”

Perhaps a friendly-but-fierce foe is what helped a multiple of returners and new players step adult and take charge.

Freshman outward hitter Ashten Smith-Gooden also had an considerable entrance outing, heading a Bears final weekend with 17 kills and a .467 attack percentage. Smith-Gooden will continue her collegiate entrance this weekend, and does not see her miss of believe as a hindrance, though rather as an advantage.

“When we came to Cal, we had to make a lot of adjustments right off a behind — and we still am, and substantially perpetually will be,” pronounced Smith-Gooden. “I told myself, we wish to come in here and learn a lot. I’m unequivocally smiling about it, since I’m so happy to be here.”

With high expectations, a Bears will enter a New Mexico State contest fervent to infer that final weekend was not a portion and that notwithstanding their younger roster, Cal can contest with a tip teams in a country.

Alicia Fong covers volleyball. Contact her during [email protected]

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