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A tip Apple researcher says subsequent year’s iPhones will be done out of glass

A tip Apple researcher says subsequent year’s iPhones will be done out of glass


The startling success of Apple’s silken black iPhone could lead a association to rethink a subsequent iPhone models, according to one of a many associating Apple analysts. 

Apple is expected to adopt potion surrounding in a new iPhone models subsequent year, according to a investigate note distributed to clients on Monday by KGI Securities researcher Ming-Chi Kuo and performed by Business Insider. 

One vital reason for a potion iPhone according to Kuo: Consumers seem to adore silken finishes, generally in China. It’s a lot easier to make potion silken than a aluminum Apple now uses. Apple is now carrying difficulty producing adequate silken black iPhone 7 units. 

But it’s unfit to make a phone totally out of glass. The record required to mass-produce a potion iPhone simply isn’t prepared yet. And a entirely potion iPhone might be too fragile.

“Should Apple lift a weighting of potion casing, we see 2.5D potion surrounding (not a 3D winding design) as being some-more expected to be adopted in light of mass prolongation feasibility and a dump test,” Kuo writes. 

World will go glass

Interestingly, Kuo suggests that Apple competence use a stainless-steel steel support to reason a potion and components. Apple now doesn’t make iPhones out of immaculate steel, though it does use a element for some of a higher-end Apple Watch models. 

Apple competence serve heed a high-end iPhones — like a Plus models — with a immaculate steel material. Kuo believes that Foxconn will “likely be a solitary assembler” of subsequent year’s high-end model.   

Apple isn’t a usually smartphone association perplexing to build a potion smartphone. In fact, a note suggests other phone makers will beat Apple to marketplace introducing glass casing or new silken finishes for metal.

“We trust potion surrounding will be a pivotal trend for high-end smartphones over a next three to 5 years,” writes Kuo. Winners in Apple’s supply sequence embody Corning, that creates Apple’s glass, and Lens Technology and Biel Crystal, that does potion surrounding manufacture. 

Ultimately, KGI Securities is “upbeat” on iPhone shipments subsequent tumble on a behind of a new look and other upgrades. 

Previous reports suggest Apple could deliver wireless charging and an edge-to-edge shade on a subsequent iPhone.

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