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A few of his favorite things

A few of his favorite things

A wanting James Michael Curley pin.

Andrew Nelson’s collection of Massachusetts domestic memorabilia includes during slightest 25,000 items. We asked him to select few of his favorites — a charge he described as “nearly impossible”:

A singular pin:

This wanting James Michael Curley pin is from one of his beginning campaigns — a competition for Boston Board of Alderman in 1904. It’s important given he won a choosing while portion a jail judgment for rascal (his initial of dual jail sentences during his 50-plus year domestic career).

Political tunes:

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Two pieces of piece song — one from 1909 and one from 1913 — profitable reverence to Boston Mayor John F. “Honey Fitz” Fitzgerald, maternal grandfather to JFK and owner of a Kennedy domestic dynasty. Politically themed piece song was common via a early 20th century.

A mislaid custom:

A 1936 cincture touting Charles F. Hurley’s debate for governor. Hurley, of Cambridge, kick a former editor and publisher of a Greenfield Recorder, John W. Haigis, by usually 28,000 votes. He mislaid his debate for reelection in ’38 in a Democratic primary to James Michael Curley, who was afterwards degraded in a ubiquitous choosing by Republican Leverett Saltonstall.

Colors of a mislaid era:

A 1950s-era fender plaque from an early congressional reelection debate of Tip O’Neill. In O’Neill’s 1936 Boston College yearbook, he settled that he would “keep active in politics until he was Mayor of Cambridge,” blissfully unknowingly of how distant his change would one day extend. This plaque is evil of a brightly colored “Day-Glo” stickers found everywhere in Massachusetts politics from a 1950s by a mid-1970s. They’ve given been transposed by cheaper, some-more complicated versions.

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