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A day after SpaceX sticks the landing, Elon Musk talks about a city on Mars

A day after SpaceX sticks the landing, Elon Musk talks about a city on Mars

The initial stage, safely behind on land during Cape Canaveral. (Photo pleasantness of SpaceX)


ABOARD THE ORLANDO PRINCESS OFF THE CAPE CANAVERAL COAST—On Monday night, Elon Musk jumped out of his space company’s launch control core to watch this one live.

The final time SpaceX launched a rocket, it blew adult in a fireball. This one had to go right. But he always wanted to see if a association would be means to land a initial theatre of a rocket, a useful first.

He was relieved that a launch went off flawlessly; that was a categorical goal. Then he saw a rocket reappear in a dark over a Florida Space Coast, sloping toward a alighting pad during Cape Canaveral. It seemed to be right on a mark, though afterwards there was a large boom, and he suspicion a worst: “It had exploded.”

“Well, during slightest we got close,” he pronounced to himself.

But afterwards he went behind inside, and people were agog. The sound was a sonic boom– a startle call of a rocket roving by a atmosphere faster than a speed sound.

“There was this extraordinary video of a rocket station there,” he recounted in a call with reporters Monday evening.

It was still station there Tuesday morning. Viewed from this fishing vessel franchised by SpaceX, it towered some 15-stories tall, right subsequent to a launch pad that shot John Glenn into orbit.

Many in a space village heralded SpaceX’s attainment of sharpened a rocket into space and afterwards recuperating a initial theatre as another useful step in a story of space flight, one they wish will hold off a bang in blurb space.

Being means to redeem and reuse a initial theatre of rockets—the many costly partial since they residence a engines—would dramatically reduce a cost of space travel, a pivotal step in creation space some-more accessible.

“It would be like carrying an aircraft used many times when all a other aircraft could usually be used once,” he said.

The assets with reusing a rocket would be substantial. The Falcon 9 costs about $60 million to build, and that’s on a low end, Musk said, and a fuel costs an additional $200,000.

“This might one day be looked behind on as a day that a Space Age unequivocally began, since it showed that we can lapse a theatre for reuse but a outrageous station army of technicians to do it—unlike a shuttle,” Charles Lurio, who writes a space newsletter wrote Monday dusk after a launch and landing.

For Musk, whose categorical idea is a colonization of Mars, a alighting shows that a record to reuse absolute rockets is real.

“I consider it unequivocally utterly dramatically improves my certainty that a city on Mars is possible,” he pronounced on a call with reporters Monday evening. “That’s what all this is about.”

Last month, Jeff Bezos’ space association also landed a initial theatre on land. And on chatter he congratulated SpaceX, and said: “Welcome to a club!”

But a alighting SpaceX pulled off was distant some-more difficult. Bezos’ New Shepard car done it only past a range of space, or about 60 miles, during a exam flight. Musk’s Falcon 9 is a most bigger, some-more absolute rocket designed to launch payloads into orbit, that creates a alighting attainment all a some-more complex.

The alighting also came as partial of a mission—to launch a satellites into space—and not only a exam flight. And SpaceX pulled a attainment in front of a world, broadcasting a launch and alighting on a website so that everybody could see a triumph—or what could have been another fantastic failure.

Musk pronounced a association would shortly pierce a upholder theatre to a circuitously alighting pad to exam glow it. But while a idea is eventually to launch rockets and reuse them, he pronounced this one would substantially be recorded as a chronological artifact.

Now, a association will concentration on perfecting landings, Musk said. And it is operative on several other fronts as well. Along with Boeing, SpaceX now is underneath agreement by NASA to launch astronauts to a International Space Station.

The initial moody is approaching in late 2017, that would symbol a initial time a U.S. has launched astronauts to space from U.S. soil.

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