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5 Essential Apps for Recent Grads

5 Essential Apps for Recent Grads

by Charlotte Ahlin

If you’ve made it all the way through college and into the so-called real world, then you’re already familiar with lifesaving apps like Venmo, Uber, and Yelp. But now that you’re out of school, you don’t need all those study-buddy apps on your phone any more—you need apps that’ll help you do real grown-up things, like manage your budget, find a job, not kill your roommates, and still make time to be a fun young person.

So check out these postgrad apps for all your new adult needs:


The hardest thing about money is getting it, keeping it, and managing it. Ok, it’s all hard, but Mint is here to make it easier. Mint is a free budgeting app that lets you see all your personal accounts in one place, track your spending, set bill alerts and financial goals, and create realistic budgets so you can pay your rent while saving up for fun things like concerts and shoes.

There’s a reason that Mint is trusted by over 20 million people: it keeps all your financial records secure, and lets you (and only you) access them from any of your devices. Finally, you can start spending smarter, and maybe even upgrade to a more expensive brand of packaged ramen.


After four years of the same several campus pizza joints and coffee shops, you’re suddenly out in the world with a whole bunch of options. So, where to go? Well, if you’re in a new city and you want to go where the locals go, check out Localeur.

Get the insider scoop, because Localeur is an app where actual, real-life locals give you recommendations on where to eat, drink, and play. It’s great for travel, or for moving to a new place where you don’t have a go-to bar or yoga studio. Plus, you can see your friends’ recommendations, share your own impressions, and discover thousands of hidden treasures no matter where you are.


So now that you have a budget and some swanky new hangouts…. you just need a job. Any recent grad will tell you that searching for jobs is only marginally more fun than getting a root canal, but Switch makes the process almost bearable.

Switch connects you with the world’s leading companies, including giants like Amazon, Google, and Apple. It gives you personalized job recommendations based on your skills, experience, salary needs, and preferences. And it’s totally anonymous: hiring managers see only your credentials, not your name (so you don’t have to delete those unprofessional Facebook photos in order to get hired).


Graduating usually means one of two things: living with your parents, or living with roommates. Living with roommates has its ups and downs, but Splitwise makes sure that shared finances are never a problem (it can’t stop your roommate from playing Adele until four in the morning, though).

Splitwise makes it so easy to split bills, rent, groceries, and every other expense you might encounter in your new adult life. No more arguing over electric bills or saving receipts from liquor store runs: Splitwise keeps a running tab of who owes who, and it lets you settle up instantly with Paypal or Venmo.


Of course, before you have to deal with roommates, you have to deal with finding an apartment. Thankfully there’s Radpad, one of Apple’s Top 10 Best New Apps. Radpad lists over a million apartments and homes for rent, each with at least three photos and a verification badge so you know you’re not getting scammed.

With Drivetime, you can check how long it’ll take you to drive, walk, bike, or bus from your new home to wherever you need to go, and instant messaging lets you contact the landlord right from the app. You can also pay your rent through the app by connecting it to your credit or debit card, even if your landlord doesn’t use Radpad!

So adult life may be scary, and the real world may be confusing and expensive, but luckily there are some top-of-the-line apps out there to help you find your feet after college.

Thank you Charlotte!

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