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Who am I at $4.8 Million?

Who am I at $4.8 Million?


Koenigsegg: te Most Expensive Car in the World 2016

Sweden is a country blessed, and built, with world- class engineering. The country’s fighter jets have always been at the forefront of technological
development. Sweden’s transport industry has long been synonymous with exceptional quality and safety, whether it be trucks, busses, passenger vehicles or
even the many small, specialist engineering companies working with the tuning and building of world-class rally cars.

It was against this backdrop that a young Christian von Koenigsegg followed a dream and launched his own car company in 1994. His sole mission: to create the
perfect Supercar.

Of course, this was at a time where the Supercar was considered to be somewhat of a dinosaur, a temperamental relic from a bygone era. The world was at the end of a recession that had hit the sports car industry hard.

To Christian, however, it was a calling. He cared little about the state of the global economy or the obstacle that it might represent in the minds of others. He was busy fulfilling a dream.

On August 12, 1994, a 22-year-old Christian von Koenigsegg decided to follow his dream and build the world’s greatest super-sports car. Koenigsegg Automotive is born.

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