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2015-16 NBA betting guide

2015-16 NBA betting guide

Last season, a Golden State Warriors won a pretension during roughly 20-1 odds, outrageous NBA preseason contingency by NBA destiny standards. However, it’s still a joining where a favorites customarily win championships, and mostly during brief odds.

As final deteriorate resolved in June, we wrote a San Antonio Spurs were a value gamble to win a 2015-16 pretension during 12-1 odds. They apparently held a right mangle with a signing of LaMarcus Aldridge, and during a Westgate Superbook San Antonio is now all a approach down to 4-1 in a rough-and-tumble Western Conference. The Spurs are still my collect to paint a West, though it’s formidable to suggest subsidy them in a stream cost range. In fact, we brace a Spurs/Cleveland Cavaliers matchup in a NBA Finals, though they offer small loyal value in a futures market.

Here’s my preseason betting guide, including discussion and multiplication pretension bets, deteriorate win sum bets and teams to gamble on and against:

Eastern Conference title: Atlanta Hawks 9-1

If a Hawks could have only appearance in May instead of Jan final season, it could’ve been a opposite postseason.

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