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$20000 hoverboard indeed hovers…for a few minutes, anyway

$20000 hoverboard indeed hovers…for a few minutes, anyway

Those faux-hoverboards that demeanour like Segways with a handlebars cut off have gotten all a courtesy lately, what with a exploding batteries and viral videos of riders wiping out. But hoverboards that indeed float do exist—they’re just…really expensive.

Case in point, take a demeanour during a Arcaboard, a hoverboard from aeronautics association Arca Space Corporation. Unlike some hoverboards, like the Hendo and Lexus’s antecedent hoverboard, that usually work on certain conductive surfaces a Arcaboard can float on usually about any aspect interjection to a 36 electric fans. These fans furnish 272 horsepower and can lift adult to 243 pounds depending on a model, according to a company.

Unlike a Hendo and a Lexus board, a Arcaboard isn’t accurately made like a skateboard. In fact, it looks a small like a obelisk from 2001: A Space Odyssey.

On other words, no, we won’t be means to kickflip it. 

All those fans need utterly a bit of power, though, so a Arcaboard usually gets 3 to 6 mins of float time. The battery routinely takes upwards of 6 hours to charge, though a Arca offers an discretionary recharging wharf that a association says will recharge a house in usually 35 minutes.

It sounds ridiculously cool, though contingency are we won’t be means to means one: The Arcaboard costs $19,900 and a wharf costs $4500. Maybe in a few years, tangible hoverboards will be a must-have Christmas present, though for now, a Arcaboard creates for cold proofs of concept.

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