PARIS (AP) — Two Jewish brothers dressed in “traditional” garments were pounded nearby a synagogue in a Paris area, French officials and Jewish leaders pronounced Sunday. The conflict came hours after a lethal sharpened debauch Saturday during a Jewish Museum in Brussels.

Interior Minister Bernard Caseneuve systematic military around France to boost confidence during Jewish houses of ceremony and other Jewish establishments, according to a statement.

The immature group were pounded by dual others nearby a synagogue in Creteil, a southeast Paris suburb, on Saturday evening, according to Albert Elharrar, boss of a Jewish Community of Creteil. One of them was exceedingly harmed after being struck in a eye with coronet knuckles, and was approaching to sojourn hospitalized for 10 days, Elharrar told BFM-TV.

The Interior Ministry had pronounced progressing a immature group were withdrawal a synagogue when they were attacked.

The conflict followed a sharpened debauch during a Jewish Museum of Brussels that left 3 people dead, an Israeli integrate and a French woman, and a fourth severely injured. Belgian military were seeking a attacker, suspicion to have acted alone.