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2 charged in 2011 overdose genocide of Derek Boogaard

2 charged in 2011 overdose genocide of Derek Boogaard

A former teenager joining hockey actor and former physician’s partner were arrested on Tuesday in tie with a 2011 overdose genocide of New York Rangers tough man Derek Boogaard.

Jordan Hart is indicted of providing a oxycodone on that Boogaard overdosed. The Rangers brazen was found passed in his Minneapolis unit on May 13, 2011.

Oscar Johnson was indicted of providing medically nonessential prescriptions to Hart. He worked during a association that had supposing medical services to a ECHL Utah Grizzles when Hart played there.

“Jordan Hart afterwards filled those prescriptions and sole a analogous drugs to Derek Boogaard … feeding Boogard’s growing, debilitating addiction,” pronounced Preet Bharara, a U.S. Attorney for a Southern District in New York. “Ultimately, that addiction, fueled during slightest in partial by a drugs that Johnson illegally prescribed, and Hart peddled for cash, culminated in Boogaard’s comfortless overdose death.”

Hart is charged with one count of swindling to discharge and possess with vigilant to discharge oxycodone, that carries a limit judgment of 20 years. Johnson is charged with 26 depends of distributing and possessing with vigilant to discharge oxycodone (20 years each) and one count of creation a fake matter (five years).

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Boogaard was in his initial year with a Rangers when he died after spending a early partial of his career with a Minnesota Wild.

According to a indictment, Boogaard asked Rangers teammates if they had a source for Percocet (which contains oxycodone) and one unclear actor put him in hold with Hart. Boogaard began purchasing a pills in Nov 2010, pushing from Manhattan to Huntington, N.Y., where Hart had moved.

Boogaard suffered what finished adult being a season-ending concussion in December. While attempting to come behind in April, he “could hardly mount adult while skating and seemed to be underneath a change of a tranquil substance,” a complaint said.

He was sent to a rehab trickery in April. He was given accede to leave a trickery in late Apr to fly to New York and container adult his effects to pierce to Minneapolis for a summer. On Apr 29, a complaint says, Boogaard met with Hart in Huntington and spent $4,000 to squeeze pills, that a actor kept during his Minnesota apartment.

He returned to a trickery and after being given accede to leave again, he flew to Minnesota, took one tablet and died after a night of celebration during bars.

Both defendants faced rough hearings on Tuesday afternoon.

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