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12 Tips For Integrating Social Media Into Your Marketing Strategy

12 Tips For Integrating Social Media Into Your Marketing Strategy

This post was co-authored with Becky Ross and Shannon Gorman, both MBA students during a Fuqua School of Business, Duke University.

Social media is an increasingly critical tactic in companies’ selling devise and nonetheless formula from The CMO Survey continue to prove that many companies conduct amicable media as a apart activity. Asked how effectively amicable media is related to their company’s selling devise on a 1-7 scale where 1 is “not integrated” and 7 is “very integrated,” a normal turn of formation was usually 3.9. Although we see companies formulation to boost amicable media spending as a percent of selling bill from 9.4% to 13.2% over a subsequent year and 21.4% over a subsequent 5 years, a turn of formation has not altered in a past 4 years.

How effectively is amicable media related to your firm’s selling strategy? (1=Not integrated, 7=Very integrated)


We interviewed marketers opposite attention sectors for discernment into what actions they are holding to urge amicable media integration. Here is what we learned.

  1. Choose devise over tools. Social media is still in a infancy, so change is unchanging and new collection are being introduced during lightning speed. Using a latest and biggest record might advantage a company, generally when a aim assembly includes younger and some-more media-savvy customers. However, it is always critical to decider a value and impact of a amicable media apparatus opposite a company’s selling devise rather than a innovativeness. Will a apparatus assistance a association pattern or rise a some-more effective selling strategy? If not, leave a glossy vigilant on a shelf for another day.
  2. Drive amicable media actions opposite selling goals. If amicable media actions are undertaken though a transparent patron objective, formation is expected to be elusive. This means that marketers should always code a specific patron design when contracting amicable media tactics. One common proceed we celebrated was marketers regulating amicable middle to assistance pierce a patron into and by a squeeze funnel.
  3. Be brazen looking. Like normal media campaigns, amicable media is mostly used to beget brand, product, or association awareness. If recognition is a goal, marketers contingency have a transparent bargain of what happens subsequent in a company’s selling devise to modify recognition into squeeze intent. Likewise, if building code advocacy is a goal, marketers should be transparent about how to use these evangelists to amplify a company’s summary and boost patron loyalty.
  4. Align amicable media channel to selling strategy. While many each code is on Facebook and Twitter, there are many other amicable media platforms, such as Instagram and Snapchat. Brands typically do not have a resources to be on each amicable media platform, so how do marketers prioritize? They should select a amicable media platforms that fit a company’s aim assembly and code positioning. For instance, Facebook and Twitter tend to strech a extended demographic, while Instagram and Snapchat have a younger user base.
  5. Create amicable media toolkits. Brand toolkits have turn customary procession for many companies and are effectively used to beam internal markets on how to execute tellurian brands by providing templates and discipline for tailoring content. In a identical way, some companies are starting to emanate amicable media toolkits that embody templates for Facebook and Twitter posts. These kits can safeguard vital fixing and emanate a some-more cohesive code picture opposite geographies and platforms while shortening a time and resources compulsory to rise amicable media content.
  6. Put amicable media experts on code and patron teams. When amicable media operates from a apart organisation or from a apart location, there is a larger luck of bad integration. Instead, amicable media experts should be closely related to a code and patron teams so they are concerned as shortly as communication objectives have been established. This impasse pays off since amicable media experts are tuned in to a latest platforms and know what approaches beget seductiveness from stream and intensity customers, fans, and enthusiasts. As a result, these experts can beam code teams to a many effective results.
  7. Balance in-house and organisation expertise. With so many to learn and amicable media relocating during such a quick pace, many companies outsource amicable media activities to mixed agencies. This structure threatens a formation of amicable media since agencies frequency know a assemblage of a company’s selling strategy. This regard leads some companies to pierce some-more amicable media activities in residence or implement low partnership models with their agencies.
  8. Convert to purchase. Social media is one of a really few places where companies can rivet with their business in an ongoing, personal, and real-time manner. As such, it can offer as a pivotal reason indicate that brings a company’s selling devise to a raison d’être—purchase. If, for example, a supporter posts she is going selling for a sold item, companies can respond with a twitter containing useful information or personalized discounts, and/or promotions.
  9. Be peaceful to contend no. Given a hum surrounding amicable media, each code or customer-facing duty expected wants a possess Facebook page and Twitter account. Marketing leaders need to reason a line and confirm that amicable media platforms are ideal for a given code from a vital and patron indicate of view. Controlling amicable media entrance by a amicable media organisation ensures that someone is accountable and associating about a best ways to use it as partial of a company’s or brand’s selling strategy.
  10. Champion integration. For formation to be valued and sought, leaders need to share success stories via a organization. Success stories can turn partial of a company’s ethos and organically change a formation of amicable media in selling activities.
  11. Sort out attribution. If amicable media is partial of a company’s selling strategy, questions will be lifted about a grant to sales income and how it works alone and in and with other tactics. These are estimable questions and stairs contingency be taken to know and magnitude a effects of amicable media in sequence to confederate it with a company’s selling devise in a many fit and effective manner. Marketers shouldn’t let these detrimental questions keep them from posterior amicable media, though instead cruise them an event to denote a value.
  12. Learn from failures. Because it is many easier to examination with amicable media than normal media, companies can exam and learn quickly. Also, amicable media execution costs tend to be many smaller than normal media, so a waste from failures are reduction severe. By experimenting with amicable media, companies can some-more accurately establish that amicable media posts and campaigns have a biggest impact on their selling strategies—helping to serve formation efforts.

When amicable media is integrated with a company’s selling strategy, a company’s government of a patron and code resources is seamless. Strategic elements such as segmentation, targeting, positioning, and all go-to-market activities simulate a transparent and unchanging bargain of a value a association offers to a business and how a association seeks to constraint value from attracting and maintaining these business over time. The outcome of amicable media integrated into selling devise is softened potency and efficacy in all aspects of a selling plan.

Sponsored by a American Marketing Association, Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business, and McKinsey, Inc., The CMO Survey collects and disseminates a opinions of tip marketers in sequence to predict a future of markets, track selling excellence, and improve a value of selling in firms and in society. To attend or for news downloads, revisit

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