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12 ride-hailing apps to get your dipsomaniac donkey home safe

12 ride-hailing apps to get your dipsomaniac donkey home safe

New Year’s Eve in New York City has been a mammoth event ever given Adolph Ochs, afterwards owners of the New York Times, rang in a 1908 New Year with a fireworks arrangement and forward clear ball. Now, millions of people organisation to New Year’s celebrations opposite a nation to laugh, drink, dance, and be happy with friends and family. These parties are spectacles to behold, yet the influx of people presents a really real logistical problem: vast shortages of open transportation.

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Luckily, a arise of on-demand ride-sharing services has done hailing a private sedan, SUV, or taxi a string — even in a hours heading adult to and immediately following a New Year. But not all ride-hailing apps are combined equal. Some have a advantage of volume, while others offer a best price, or higher technology. That’s because we’ve put together a list of favorite ride-sharing apps to get we safely home from your New Year’s Eve celebrations.

On-demand rides


San Francisco-based Uber is by distant a many renouned ride-hailing use around. As of May 28, 2015, a association counted 160 million drivers opposite 58 countries and 300 cities worldwide among a ranks.

Uber’s pricing is sincerely rival on many days of a year, yet things are a bit opposite on New Year’s Eve. The service’s non-static swell pricing kicks in when direct hits a certain threshold, and those held unawares are in for a nasty New Year’s surprise. If you’re reluctant to wait out rise hours between 12:30 and 2:30 a.m. and don’t mind pity a float with strangers, Uber provides a ignored carpooling choice called uberPOOL to make a responsibility a tiny some-more digestible. And if you’ve got a incomparable group, the app lets we separate a transport among passengers, regardless of whether we open for Uber’s vast sedan (uberXL), SUV (UberSUV), oppulance automobile (Lux), and/or mixed mid-level cars.

Should we or one of a members of your celebration need it, Uber is one of a few on-demand services offering a infirm entrance choice called UberASSIST. Select it in a upheld city, and you’ll get a trained driver with a vehicle large adequate to accommodate folding a scooter or folding weelchair. Read some-more here.

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Lyft, a second-largest ride-hailing app by volume, offers transport in 65 U.S. cities including New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Perhaps best famous for a splendid pinkish mustaches that once ornate a grills of a drivers’ cars, Lyft offers a operation of vehicles to select from, including average-sized Lyft autos and incomparable Lyft Plus cars.

Much like Uber, Lyft institutes demand-based pricing during a busiest hours. Unlike Uber, Lyft caps premiums at 400 percent. If that still sounds too abounding for your blood, Lyft offers a carpooling use called Lyft Line, that lets we separate fares between passengers if we opt for a incomparable private car.

Another tiny perk value considering? Free Starbucks. In July, Lyft partnered with a coffee sequence to offer riders faithfulness points on their rewards cards. The graduation is still going strong, too, so if we need a collect me adult on a float home, you’re all set. Read some-more here.

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Gett, a Israel-based ride-hailing app before famous as GetTaxi, has a user bottom that pales in comparison to Uber and Lyft — it counts 35,000 drivers among a ranks globally, and usually has a U.S. participation in New York City right now. Gett has a noted advantage when it comes to pricing, though: it never leverages a premium during bustling hours.

Gett gets divided with it by paying drivers a rival minutely salary rather than a commission of each fare, like Uber and Lyft. The association passes those assets on to riders. In New York, Gett caps fares between Houston Street and 72nd travel during $15 and taxation and tip.

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Curb is another ride-sharing underdog, yet one that’s expanding aggressively — The use leverages a network of 35,000 taxis and 6,000 hired cars opposite U.S. 60 cities.

On a simple level, Curb works most in a same approach as Uber and Lyft: Hail a driver, and you’ll be whisked divided to your final destination. Uniquely, though, a use lets we report pickups forward of time in some cities. Know you’ll need a float after a prolonged night of toll in a New Year? Set a time and location, so that a Curb motorist will wait your arrival. That’s not a usually benefit that Curb’s got on a ride-hailing competition. It never charges swell pricing, either.

But Curb’s distant from perfect. ComputerWorld’s Jake Widman reports that Curb’s motorist availability is mostly spotty, an avowal that a cursory glance at Curb’s App Store reviews would seem to confirm. That’s apparently interjection to the service’s complicated faith on cab drivers, who are expected to find closer passengers on a approach to your pickup location. Curb now disincentivizes drivers from skipping jobs by kicking them out of a reservation system temporarily, yet it stays to be seen only how rarely drivers value Curb’s ride-hailing network over others.

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