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100% self-driving cars? Google, you’re carrying a laugh

100% self-driving cars? Google, you’re carrying a laugh

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Comment Google might have underestimated a problem of pushing in Europe, and yesterday’s proclamation about a driverless cars is justification that it has.

A print of a new Google self-driving car

But Mr Insurance man, a Google Noddy Car bumped me!

Mountain View’s Chocolate Factory denounced a unequivocally Willy Wonka-esque two-seat driverless car. It looks like a child’s toy. And it showed us how it worked. Along it tootled for a few hundreds yards, in a true line, encountering no obstacles. The passengers pronounced they were delighted.

In California, where a plan was conceived, pushing is already semi-automated – we can many expostulate with your eyes closed. Everyone (well, roughly everyone) obeys a speed limit, and many cars are on journey control many of a time.

Everyone is also unequivocally polite. Lanes merge. Cities heed to grid plans. we enjoyed all about pushing in California since it was, for a European, a square of piss. But it’s a unequivocally opposite story pushing in London – let alone Paris, or Naples. Americans have gun massacres, we have highway rage. And do we consider Google’s Wonkamobiles will revoke or boost that highway rage? One thing’s for certain – it’s going to be fun being a trucker again, giving these tiny Noddy Cars a “friendly bump”.

A trucker notches adult another kill. Is a Google Car next? [Source: Not a Nine O’Clock News]


Would we trust a driverless automobile with your KIDS?

There are other obstacles to a car-less paradise that were not unequivocally confronted a media yesterday, as it was indulging in another call of sad thinking.

There are outrageous issues of trust to be overcome. we can’t suppose many Mumsnetters make-up DS and DD* into one for a propagandize run, quite in a anarchic trade and drop-off conditions of an English city. And it’s not only safety. The trust emanate also comes up, inescapably, simply since it’s Google.

Just a few years ago, Google’s afterwards CEO pronounced that if we didn’t like what Google did with a information it had about you, we could always change your identity. The message: we’re never wrong – get used to it. Get stuffed.

Now for anyone who has been concerned in an automobile word claim: how do we consider that opinion will go down? Imagine your car’s taken a hole since – and I’m certain this could never, ever occur – a Wonka Wagon only rear-ended you. Not unequivocally well, we suspect. Maybe you’d like to disappear off a road, sir? Or, the pledge to be reported to an “independent” Chilling Effects-style site, where inconveniences to Google are abashed for eternity.

So during this stage, Google’s good “Moonshot” of driverless cars looks like a cold attempt combined for Burning Man, one that got a tiny out of hand. (The plan was innate from a Pentagon mad-scientist business DARPA’s Grand Challenge hold in a Mojave Desert – which we wrote about a good understanding during a time – and one dried looks flattering most like another). What a hell. Google had lots of money. And it also gave Sergey Brin something to do.

Many of a technologies now being researched by a robotics attention – of that Google is a tiny partial – will finish adult in cars earlier than we think. It’s not going to be a car-less paradise though services that pledge we a parking mark or yield intelligent routing recommendation are flattering most already here. Even cab drivers who have “The Knowledge” are astounded by roadworks and travel closures here in London. Nokia certainly has a some-more picturesque possibility to put “big data” to use with a some-more medium idea of “connected” cars rather than entirely programmed people-carrying robots.

Nokia’s Mercedes-Benz investigate project looks a lot some-more useful, trustworthy – and tighten during palm – than a Wonkamobiles.

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